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Craig Silverstein & Mary Obelnicki


Craig joined Google as it's first employee, and after their IPO launched him onto the path of giving big he shared his story as a Bold Giver in November 2009. Part One below shares his journey to that point. Part two below shares an update on his giving journey with his wife Mary Obelnicki, as of September 2014.


Craig Silverstein Part One – Craig Silverstein
The advice I got as I embarked on giving was: Focus on something you're passionate about. There are so many worthy causes, but none that jumped out at me; how could I choose? I was paralyzed by too many options.
I knew that I had a chance to make a... More
Craig Silverstein & Mary Obelnicki Part Two – Craig Silverstein & Mary Obelnicki
One is now two (make that three). We got married in 2012, joining forces in our lives and in our philanthropy. Fortunately, our approaches are remarkably aligned. Long before we met, Mary fused analytical thinking with social change. At MIT, she alternated... More