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Meet our new Bold Giver - Amb. William vanden Heuvel

July 14th, 2014 by Otar Makharashvili

I'm really excited that today Ambassador William J. vandan Heuvel joined our community of Bold Givers - you can read his story here. I first met Ambassador vanden Heuvel when I was working at the Roosevelt Institute and was inspired by his drive, determination and philanthropy to make history relevant to contemporary generations and to use it as a "guide and illuminating light for political, social and economical decision-making." 

Throughout his distinguished and busy career as a lawyer, diplomat, businessman, and scholar, Ambassador vanden Heuvel has worked tirelessly to realize Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt’s ideals of social justice, human rights, and collaboration among nations. 

I hope you'll take a moment and read his story. I'm sure it will leave you inspired as well to think about balancing your career with your commitments to public life and philanthropy. 

Happy reading!


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